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Provisional Psychologist

Simone Soliman

BSC (Psych) | GDip AdPsych | MMP

About Simone

Simone has completed a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with MQ, Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced (Honours equivalent) with Monash University and Masters of Professional Psychology with the University of New England. She has been a dedicated student in order to practice in the area of psychology, which she is greatly passionate about.


Simone has always found the brain fascinating and has enjoyed learning the different components of psychology which makes each and every one of us so different and unique.

Simone is passionate about working with people of all different backgrounds and school aged children, as she feels she can share her knowledge and skills in the area of psychology and general life. She has found that most of her working life, she has been drawn to working with children of varying ages. Simone has taught and instructed children with skills such as learn-to-swim and fitness foundations (agility, flexibility and coordination). She is passionate about engaging, developing and supporting children and adolescents going through a difficult experience of whether it be, anxiety, bullying, low moods, exam stress or social anxiety. She also enjoys working and supporting parents, as this is a core aspect of working collaboratively with families. Simone would often assist parents by developing evidence based parenting skills in regarding their child’s current skill levels, strengths and future steps for advancement through their challenges.

Simone is empathetic and understanding towards people and shows her support through active listening, whether it be with a client or in my everyday life. She has zest and energy to assist and engage with compassion.

Simone also values the research and evidence-based foundation that psychology has. She has always been interested in the field of research and took part in a research project following her degree where she was involved in Psychology testing for diagnostic purposes.  She really enjoyed this process and it was very insightful to see the steps involved in developing evidence-based approaches.

Simone is someone who really loves spending time with her family and loved ones and find that being with them grounds her and makes her feel grateful for what she has. She also loves learning, whether it be reading new research or a new language! She really enjoy the process of learning and looking back and realising all the progress you’ve made is a great feeling. As a hobby, she will admit, she is not someone who can draw or paint things, but she finds that she expresses her creativity through one of her biggest passions- cooking!

Simone is available Mondays, Wednesday and Thursday between 10am-6pm.

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