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School Wide Intervention

School Mental Health Training

Driven by a deep passion for educating future generations about the importance of good mental health, our focus lies in identifying and managing challenges, such as: dealing with bullying, e-safety, learning to manage stress, depression, supporting well-being for students, self-care, supporting students with neurodiversity and anxiety, to name a few. 


By actively addressing these topics, and providing tools and strategies to increase awareness and understanding, your group can gain invaluable insights and resources to create a lasting impact.

Topics include:

  • Teachers: Identifying & Supporting Neuro-diverse students

  • Parents: Supporting Anxious children

Group Programs:

Adolescent Programs

  • Acing Anxiety – School Wide Intervention for High School Students

Looking to get started with a workshop or training from the team at Breakthrough Psychology Practice? Fill in an Expression of Interest Form today!

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