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Giftedness refers to having exceptional intellectual abilities, as measured by standardised IQ tests. Generally an Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of 130 and above is required to identify a gifted child, which is better than 95% of children at that level.

While IQ test scores alone are sufficient to identify exceptional intellectual ability, there are certain characteristics that set gifted children apart from others. These include advanced vocabulary, exceptional reading ability, independence and strive for independence, exceptional memory and attentiveness, creativity, ability to exercise constructive self-criticism, keen sense of humour and advanced social skills.

Why Early Identification of Giftedness is Important?

Early identification of giftedness can help children with their improved learning experience and motivation. If giftedness is nurtured well, they can later translate into real talent where children learn to apply and use their abilities and live up to their full potential.

  • Gifted children can “slip under the radar” and fail to learn the skill of self-motivation (as things normally come to them naturally) and can underachieve

  • They often misbehave or show lack of motivation when tasks are too easy and fail to stimulate them

  • They can develop complacency, laziness and avoidance of challenges and may develop an attitude toward learning that will hinder their long term development.

  • Gifted children can often be fear driven and therefore avoid effort and persistence when things get challenging.

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