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Child NDIS

The Early Intervention Assessment Clinic at Breakthrough Psychology provides support for Sydney based children aged 4-9 years, who may need to seek additional assistance as an early intervention around delayed learning or possible disability. 


The early childhood approach supports best practice in early childhood intervention, builds capacity, promotes inclusion, and facilitates growth and learning in community and everyday settings. Our aim is to provide you and your beautifully unique child with the relevant resources and support to have the best possible start in life. A child’s early years are important, as they set up how they will learn and develop later in life. Our early childhood approach focuses on being both family-centred and strengths-based. We do this by acknowledging that you as parents and carers know your child best.


We will liaise with your child’s other service providers, like preschools, pediatricians and other allied health professionals, and then conduct a 2-3 hour early intervention assessment.

The good news for parents; children of this age do not need a formal diagnosis to apply for NDIS funding. Should your child's assessment deem the need for early intervention, this alone will assist with an NDIS application. This is a low cost assessment. without the bells and whistles to get some level of funding from NDIS. We know this is a huge relief for many families who are concerned about their child falling behind.

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